VoloMOD Shipping this Week!

August 19, 2014

  Without further ado We give you the first glimpse of VoloMOD shipping out this week. Folks,It's been too long, we agree.  What started as a simple let's add an option for Vololights in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, turned into an epic battle against time, vendors, and engineering tweaks that lasted well over a year.For this, we apologize.  As many of you already know, we would rather get pelted with 'concerned' emails and rotten vegetables for the better half of a year, then put out a product that doesn't meet your expectations.  Well, we think we have it now.Faizal took receipt of every component required to build the VoloMOD and will be hand assembling them throughout this week.  Shipping will commence towards Thursday/Friday and complete... Continue Reading →

More Time Saves Lives

August 06, 2014

  We created a PSA a while back to help drive the point home that staying focused and alert while behind the wheel can save lives. Here we are illustrating how to react to having a motorcycle in front of you while driving. The Motorcycle is a vehicle it just has 2 less wheels than your car. Give up some space between yourself and the motorcycle in front of you. When a motorcycle starts to decelerate from downshifting there are no brake lights just like when a car with a manual transmission does it. Be aware of the proximity of the vehicle in front of you.   Continue Reading →


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