Motorcycle Specific


Honda Goldwing

Kawasaki Concours

Triumph Trophy SE



Step 1 Removing passenger grip

Remove the front seat and the back seat

Loosen and remove the four torx screws marked with the red circle

Remove the bracket/passenger grip from the bike.

Step 2 Connecting the Vololights harness

Identify the TPMS connector marked with red circle. Remove the connector

Identify the CAN-Bus harness and the sockets. Connect the socket marked with blue circle to the TPMS box

Connect the socket marked with red circle to the previously removed connector.

Tap into the red/green wire (12V aaccessory power) and brown (ground)

Plug and play harness to be released Fall 2017

Step 3 Install and Calibrate

Mount the Vololights to the license plate holder. Route the cable as shown at the red arrow.

Connect the Vololights to the Posi-lock connector shown in the red circle. The red wire from the harness should be connected to red wire of Vololights. Apply the same to the black wire.

Refer to this link for Posi-lock guide: Posi-lok connectors

Vololights must be calibrated. Refer to this link for guide: Calibrating Vololights

The default mode works well with the GS but you can change sensitivity from this guide: Change Sensitivity and Mode Settings

Honda Goldwing

Step 1 Honda Goldwing

There are four obvious bolts that needs to be removed.

The license plate also needs to be removed to access two additional bolt

The rubber grommet is where wires will be routed

There are also some locking tabs along the sides of the cover, be careful not to break those when removing the cover.

Step 2

In this installation. We decided to leave the license plate illumination and tap the voltage with the posi-tap connector.

Brown is 12V and green is the ground.

Step 3 Routing the wire

The rubber grommet holes are widened with a drilled out to route the Vololight wires

Step 4 Replace panel and install Vololights

Re-assemble the panel and mount Vololights

Review the Vololights installation manual for calibration step

Kawasaki Concours

Step 1 Optional parts

Vololights are shipped with the connectors needed. Optionally, bullet connectors can also be used to connect directly to the connector provided by Kawasaki with no modification to the factory wiring.

The bullet connectors are available at electronic hobby shop or autoshop. It is also available online.

In this installation, wires are routed within the rear wheel well. We recommend adding shrink tube or other wire sleeving method.

Step 2 Remove the toolbox

Remove the hex bolts on the toolbox.

Step 3 Access to 12V

Set aside the electrical box to access the 12V

Step 4 Routing the wires

Remove the license plate ilumination cover by loosening the screws cover.

Two screws also needs to be removed from inside the fender. (Near the rear wheel)

Route the Vololights wires following the existing license plate illumination wires to the 12V accessories wires under the seat uncovered in previous steps.

Triumph Trophy SE

Step 1 Drill a small hole on the rear fender. (5/32")

The rear fender has a liner that stops a few inches short of the bottom end of the fender

The wires are just long enough to reach so the hole should be 7/8” above a line drawn through the centers of the two license plate mounting bolts.

Step 2 Run the wire

Remove the tail light assembly (owner’s manual p. 160).

Run the wire up between the fender and liner

The wire can be fed through a large hole into the light assembly (See image 2)

Use the Posi-taps to hook into the existing license plate light illumination power.

Step 3 Calibrate and test!

Reassemble the light assembly and Vololights is installed.

We recommend setting the sensitivity level to Sports Touring mode.

Vololights requires calibration. Review instructions here.