VoloMOD Full Feature Installation (Turn signals output)

VoloMOD Full Feature Installation (Turn signals output)


VoloMOD Full Feature Installation (Turn signals output)

Step 1 Preparing for an install

Locate a switched 12VDC power source (on/off with ignition).

Identify your motorcycle's color code for power, ground, turn signals and brake signal wires.

Note: if you plan to install the output to an auxiliary light(s), disregard the turn signal wires mentioned above.

Select a clean surface on a motorcycle to install VoloMOD.

Step 2 Unboxing

All connectors for full installatios are included with VoloMOD

Step 3 Make the power connection

Connect VoloMOD black wire (#4) to the motorcycle's ground using the posi-tap connector.

Connect VoloMOD red wire (#5) to the motorcycle's switched 12V using the posi-tap connector.

Instructions on how to use posi-tap connectors can be found here.

Step 4 Check VoloMOD powers up

Once installed, switch the motorcycle to the ON position and check for the start up sequence shown in the video.

Step 5 Install the output wires to the turn signals

Make sure motorcycle is OFF.

The longer solid blue and brown wires from the VoloMOD are the output wires.

The shorter blue and brown wires with white strips from the VoloMOD are inputs to the VoloMOD.

Instructions on how to use Posi-lok connectors can be found here.

Identify the turn signals wires and cut them in two

Make connections as shown in the schematic.

Step 6 Checking the signal connection

Check the output connection by tilting VoloMOD slowly until the first trigger point is met; continue tilting until the second trigger point is met as shown in the video.

Check both the LEDs on the VoloMOD and your brake lights as shown.

Step 7 Brake signal input

Brake signal input is sending the brake signal information to the VoloMOD.

Connect the orange wire from the VoloMOD to the brake signal of the motorcycle with a posi-tap connector

Step 8 Check brake signal input

This motorcycle uses an integrated lights. (Brake lights and turn signals). In other motorcycles, only the turn signals will flash.

In Full Installation, VoloMOD includes a feature that flashes the brake output once a second while any brake is applied. Test this feature by applying brakes and confirm the output flashes once a second.

Step 9 Check turn signal

In the instance you are braking and signaling a turn simultaneously, the turn signal will override VoloMOD's slow flash.

The once a second flash feature is automatically disabled when a turn signal is active. Test this by activating a turn signal.

Step 10 Secure VoloMOD

Remove velcro backing and affix velcro onto surface.

IMPORTANT! Ensure that the arrow is pointing towards the front of the motorcycle. VoloMOD will not function properly in the opposite direction.

Surface grade should be less than 45 degrees. Avoid "negative slope" i.e sloping back towards the motorcycle.

Step 11 Change sensitivity or mode (optional)

There are three sensitivity settings on the VoloMOD

This step is optional. To change the setting, click here.

The default setting, 1.5 m/s^2 or 3.35 mph/s and is recommended for most motorcycles.

The Touring settings, 1 m.s^2 or 2.24 mph/s and is recommended for larger motorcycles.

The Sports settings, 2 m/s^2 or 4.5 mph/s and is recommended for high compression sports motorcycles.

Step 12 Calibration

IMPORTANT: Calibration must be performed on a level surface with the motorcycle in an upright position.

With the power ON, introduce the magnet to VoloMOD at the EMBOSSED MAGNET AREA. Note the flash sequence.

Remove magnet at the first flash while keeping motorcycle upright and still for 5 seconds.

Note the flash sequence shown in the video.

Step 13 Go out riding!

Tidy up the wiring by tucking away and tie-wrapping if necessary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here if you have any problems with installations.