VoloMOD Shipping this Week!

Posted on August 19, 2014 by Jesse Szynal


Without further ado

We give you the first glimpse of VoloMOD shipping out this week.


It's been too long, we agree.  What started as a simple let's add an option for Vololights in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, turned into an epic battle against time, vendors, and engineering tweaks that lasted well over a year.

For this, we apologize.  

As many of you already know, we would rather get pelted with 'concerned' emails and rotten vegetables for the better half of a year, then put out a product that doesn't meet your expectations.  Well, we think we have it now.

Faizal took receipt of every component required to build the VoloMOD and will be hand assembling them throughout this week.  Shipping will commence towards Thursday/Friday and complete by the end of next week.  What will Jesse be doing? He's off galavanting on the east coast (while trying to add to our growing list of dealers).

We really appreciate everyone's patience out there who had the faith in us to see this thing through. Between Vololights and VoloMOD, we can now serve almost every motorcycle and scooter out there on the market!

Please continue sending us feedback on both products once you receive them - not only do we appreciate the interaction, but we're striving to be the best technology available and your feedback is crucial to making this happen.

Appreciate the support and your business!

-Team Vololights

PS:  Looking for a $15 rebate off your previous purchase?  Refer a friend and you both get $15!

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