Top 10 Ways to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle

Posted on July 26, 2017 by Ina Zayadi

1- Healthy & Right State of Mind

Avoid riding if you're feeling very distracted, emotional, sick or just tired, this will cause you to make a small mistake that will have a huge consequence.

2- Regular Inspections

Check your bike - especially your tire-Inspect the tires for air and make sure the lights are in good working condition before you ride. Also, periodically check and test the clutch and throttle, brake fluid, controls and adjust the mirrors.

3- Stay within speed limit

Slowing down and remaining at speed with the traffic around you is a great tip for survival.

4- Be visible

Make yourself as visible as possible. Motorcycles are so small that they slip neatly into blind spots, and many drivers just aren't paying attention. Consider installing Vololights to your bikes. Being seen is being safe.

5- Wear the right gear

Wear solid motorcycle boots- Protect your hands with thick gloves, and your arms and legs with good-quality gear, like leather chaps and jackets-  Wear a Quality, Full Face Helmet.

6- Don’t drink and ride

Alcohol affects judgment, vision and decreases your ability to ride and react defensively. In 2009, 29 percent of motorcyclists in fatal accidents had blood alcohol concentrations above legal limits, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association.

7- Avoid dangerous weather

Rainy and stormy weathers not only reduce your visibility but reduces your tires’ grip on the road, which can make cornering tricky. If you need to ride in the rain, remember that the most dangerous time is right after precipitation begins, as the water can cause oil residue to rise to the top. And avoid making sudden maneuvers. Be especially gentle with the brakes, throttle, and steering to avoid sliding

8-Avoid Tailgating

If someone is tailgating you, either speed up to open more space or pull over and let them pass. Life is too short. Remember that a bike can stop faster than a car so you don't want a truck on your tail when you find yourself trying to brake to avoid an accident. Also, don't tailgate the vehicle in front of you. Oncoming drivers can't see you.


9- Avoid being in blind spots

It’s difficult for drivers to see a motorcycle so riding in a vehicle's blind spot is a dangerous proposition. Position your motorcycle in the lane behind a car so that you can be seen always.


10- Watch out for road hazards

Potholes, train tracks, oil slicks and roadway debris can cause problems for the most experienced rider. Stay alert and avoid possible road hazards.


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